Peace Boat’s Ecoship Project is a transformative programme to build the world’s most sustainable cruise ship. It will sail in 2020 as a flagship for Climate Action and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The plans for this whole-system, future-ready 55,000 ton cruise ship, with its whale-inspired hull and 10 solar-panelled sails, have been developed by a world-class team of over 30 engineers, scientists and thinkers from the fields of ship-building and cutting-edge eco-technology (including renewable energy, biophilia and waste management). Its radical energy-efficiency and maximised use of renewable energies result in 40% cuts in CO2 emissions.

Ecoship will sail for Peace Boat’s around the world educational voyages carrying 6000 people per year; host exhibitions of green technology in 100 ports annually; and serve as a floating sustainability laboratory able to contribute to research on the ocean, climate and green marine tech.

The Ecoship Project is the brainchild of Peace Boat, Japan’s largest cruise organization and an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations. Peace Boat has been organizing educational and advocacy cruises for sustainability on a social business model since 1983. It has sailed 60 three-month voyages and over 30 regional voyages.