Government of Peru

Manuel Pulgar- Vidal is a lawyer with 27 years of experience in the fields of environmental law and policy. In 2011 he was named Minister of State for Environment, the position he now occupies in addition of being named President of COP20.

In 1986 he founded the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law, one of the most recognised organisations of environmental law in the region, where he served as Executive Director for 20 years. Throughout his career, Manuel Pulgar- Vidal has participated in the development of environmental policy frameworks in many countries of the Region, as an advisor to decision makers and also many project initiatives, plus he has managed some organisations and in turn is a recognised leader in environmental management issues in many countries. He is the author of papers regarding his specialty and has written many articles in various environmental magazines. He is a professor and lecturer in environmental law, environmental management and natural resources.

In his role as Minister he is responsible for proposing and defining the environmental policies of the country, including biodiversity and climate change policies. He is also in charge of implementing the environmental legislation of the country and its enforcement policies.