PHOTON Publishing GmbH is the largest publisher worldwide in the field of solar electricity production.

PHOTON’s monthly publications cover the solar world as no other publication does – with in-depth, independently researched articles written by our own staff of editors from around the world. Headquartered in Germany since 1996, we are the most renowned and completely independent solar magazine publisher dedicated to applying a critical approach to journalism. There is a strict separation between our editorial teams and advertising department to ensure a journalistic environment free of the influences of public relations. Our independent reporting is exactly what appeals to our readers. At PHOTON Laboratory we are constantly testing and certificating PV modules, PV inverters and other PV equipment by very high testing standards over short and long periods. Near our headquarters in Aachen Germany we are maintaining the world largest PV long-term outdoor test field. 

PHOTON Academy organizes seminars and high-level conferences; and last but not least the
PHOTON group also encloses a company consultancy firm with PHOTON Consulting LLC. 

Our services and products include:

* Professional monthly Solar Magazines in different languages,
* Solar Module and Solar Inverter Testing & Certification in our own Laboratory,
* Annual Consulting Reports,
* Monthly Market Surveys & Analysis,
* Daily Newsletters in different languages,
* Worldwide Conferences & Workshops,
* Extensive Inverter & Module Databases,
& much, much more...

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