Vattenfall is one of Europe’s leading providers of electricity and heat, including sustainable electricity, heating, energy efficiency and mobility solutions. The company is 100%-owned by the Swedish state and its headquarters are in Solna, Sweden. With about 10 million customers and 31,888 employees, Vattenfall’s operations are mainly conducted in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and the UK.

Becoming a more sustainable energy provider is a critical part of Vattenfall's strategy. We continuously take steps to improve our operations, reduce our CO2 exposure and grow in renewable energy. We are committed to contribute to an energy smart society – by transforming how society understands, consumes and generates energy. We can't do it alone, so we will partner with and help others achieve it together. We aim at delivering the best value for society and our customers by focusing on sustainable consumption, sustainable production and sustainable financial performance. With two thirds of the global population living in cities and resources becoming more and more scarce, cities must be at the forefront of climate protection, energy transformation and resource efficiency. Vattenfall's Sustainable Cities Initiative seeks to develop a holistic view on how energy can be produced, reduced and recycled across sectors.