Banco Santander is a leading retail and commercial bank based in Spain, with meaningful market share in 10 core markets in Europa and the Americas. Founded in 1857, it is the largest bank in the euro zone by market capitalization and among the top 12 banks worldwide. Santander has 117 million customers, 13,000 branches and 190,000 employees.  It follows a customer-centric business model and its  risk policy focuses on maintaining a medium-low and predictable profile.

Santander carries out its activity contributing to the economic and social progress of the communities where it operates in a sustainable way with a strong commitment  to the sphere of higher education, local communities and the environment.  Environmental management is one of the lines of action of its sustainability plan. The group has developed a social and environmental policy that sets out the principles guiding its sustainability actions, and the mechanisms for analyzing the social and  environmental risks of decisions regarding project finance transactions.

The group has signed on to a number of international social commitments. Of those related to the environment, UNEP FI, Equator Principles, Carbon Disclosure Project, Banking Environment Initiative, and Round Table on Responsible Soy, stand out.